This website is to show my collection of single malt bottles from the lost distillery St. Magdalene. And also to give you some information about the distillery and of course the city Linlithgow and birthplace of Mary Queen of Scots, born 8th dec 1542 in Linlithgow West Lothian Scotland.

The Story
The Town
The Distillery
The Whisky

View over the distillery. This pic is taken from the top corner of Linlithgow palace on one of my yearly pilgrims tours to Scotland.

© 2015 Tomas Karlsson.

No matter what your favorite whisky is, this is something that will make you happy!  So one thing left to do in life is to taste before it is too late.

It`s all begin in 1765........

And so sadly ends up in 1983.....

Still, there are both bottles/ barrels left and parts of buildings. Hopefully come memory never disappear.

Robert Burns visited the town in august 1787 and wrote: "Linlithgow the appearance of rude decayed, idle grandeur, charmingly rural, retired situation."

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