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My profile

My name is Tomas Karlsson and  I`m born in Borås Sweden.


I have three children:

Alexander born 17th of july 1982

Alfons born 7th of may 1985

Ada born 23th of july 2000

I´m also lucky to have four grand kids:

Eli born 2019

Felicia born 2020

Vega born 2021

Michelle born 2022





I use to work as cargo traindriver both in Sweden and Norway.

But nowadays I´m just chilling and enjoy life either in Springburn castle Glasgow Scotland or in Casa Magdalene Playa Honda Lanzarote, together with Helen.

And then I have of course my little hobby, whisky (water of life):

I start to collect whisky from lost distilleries in 2000, and since 2005 

only collecting bottles from St.Magdalene/Linlithgow.

Othervise I only buy bottles for drinking purpose. Because I`m a connoisseur and this stuff is made to be drunk up. You just have to find the right occasion or reason to take a wee dram.........maybe it`s every day, mornings, evenings, and nights; or whenever you want.......




© 2008 Ada Karlsson

©2008 Ada Karlsson

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